EtherCAT Control I/O Solutions

What is EtherCAT?EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) is an Ethernet-based fieldbus system developed for industrial computer network protocols ...
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Advantech CNC vertically integrated solution

For those who are interested in increasing customer service speed and have already faced production line scaling challenges related to device compatibility, G/M ...
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The Intelligent Stack Light Monitoring Sensor for OEE Application

The WISE-S100 is an easy-to-install intelligent stack light monitoring sensor designed to fit a variety of stack-type light towers. When the WISE-4000 Wireless ...
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Robot platform for cleaning. Valuation the concept.

Project DORBEETLEIt became necessary to construct a universal robotic platform for various unskilled jobs in the smart city.Recent population surveys show, that ...
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Heated benches for parks, transport stops, playgrounds

DIFI PROJECT:   WARM SEAT   Electrically heated outdoors benches made from Plastic Wood Composite (PWC). DIFI design allow to use things last lon ...
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