About Us

DIFI.NET is a private engineering company established in 2005. DIFI.NET is an abbreviation "network for diffusion of innovations ". The name reflects the basic areas of company activity. The company is specialized in Electronics design and Software development, mainly in the fields of robotics, automated testing equipment (ATE) and web app development.


In 2014 the company decided to expand the sale of products to private clients via internet shop.  We have created online Marketplace by own efforts. Today E-commerce solutions are one of our areas of activity. In addition to other goods, DIFI.NET is engaged in supplying of education equipment for schools, technical colleges and universities.

Among the partners, we have a wide staff of experts in various areas of development and design. This allows us to quickly set up working teams for specific tasks, ranging from the testing of devices to integrated solutions in the field of robotics.

The company is currently engaged in projects with a common name of the Internet of Things. These projects include innovative software services and complicated devices. Software services help companies to increase key performance indicators and customer service ratings. Technologically, complicated devices are on the intersection of electronics, software and modern methods of communication. Some of these projects are described in section projects.

Operating in the Nordic region, engineering company DIFI.NET has become attractive for customers.