Terms & Conditions

Buyer's order and purchase of the Product(s) shall constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions. By placing an order with DIFI.NET Buyer agrees to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. Unless explicitly stated the following terms and conditions are valid for all deliveries covered by this order confirmation. 

DIFI.NET LLC, hereinafter called “seller” is not committed to any terms or conditions possibly stated in buyers purchase order unless in compliance with the following: 

   1.1 „Product(s)” means the products, equipment, components, materials, hardware, software, services and other objects (tangible or intangible) which Seller is required to supply Buyer. 

   1.2 “Seller” means DIFI.NET LLC. “Buyer” means a company or person procuring Product(s) from Seller. 

   1.3 Marketplace is online store.

   1.4 “Documents” means any drawings, technical documents or other data in computer media format. 

   1.5 “Order (Purchase order)” means a written order for purchase of Products submitted by Buyer to Seller.

   1.6 "Software" is subject to the license terms of the applicable software license agreement for such Software. All software is licensed, not sold, and title to the software remains with the applicable licensor(s).  
   1.7 „Descriptions“ means all information about design, weight, dimensions, capacity, technical, and other data stated in catalogs, advertisements, illustrations.

   1.8 „NCNR“ is acronym for Non-Cancelable, Non-Returnable

2. Scope of Terms

     These Terms and Conditions apply to all legal relations arising between buyer and the owner of online store.

      In addition to these Terms and Conditions, the legal relations arising from the purchase of products through an online store regulated by legal acts of the Republic of Estonia.

3. Seller has the right to refuse the contract concluded in the online store and execute the delivery of products or services in the following cases:

    3.1     a product is not available from stock at the moment shipment

    3.2     a price or description of products was wrongly reflected in the online store in the event of a fault in the system due to technical reasons.

    If seller cannot execute the order, the buyer communicates by e-mail or by phone and the amount paid for the order is returned if the buyer had to make the payment.

4. Seller has the right to develop online store, as well as to enhance the reliability of the use, modify and supplement these Terms and price lists. Changes and additions to the Terms and Conditions and the prices come into force from the date of       publication in online store. In the case of an order before the entry into force of the new conditions used conditions in force at the time of the order, unless the law or otherwise provided by these requirements.

5. Prices
   5.1 Prices in the online store are valid in the case of timely payment of invoice, in accordance with paragraph 7.

   5.2 All prices include value added tax (VAT).

   5.3 If the price was incorrectly specified by seller, then seller notifies the buyer about it and offers new price. If Buyer do not accept the new price, then Seller has the right to refuse to enter into transactions to cancel the order and return the    amount paid back to the Buyer.

6. Shopping cart and order processing

    6.1 Amount of items in the cart can be changed. To confirm your changes, click "Update Cart" or return to the choice of products. To continue of ordering click on the "Checkout". You will be redirected to the buyer's home page with the data.

    6.2 Next, select the appropriate delivery method. According to choose the shipping method you may be requested additional information or proposed delivery options.

    6.3  Select the payment method.

    6.4  Fill in all the required fields in the "Name and Address"
    Be careful when filling the fields with the data about the product and the recipient as well as the accuracy of the filling depends on the speed and accuracy of delivery.

    6.5   Contract of sale is deemed concluded (entered into force) from receipt of this amount to the Seller bank account.

7. Payment of products
    7.1 Click on the checkout to choose a convenient payment method.
    7.2 You can pay in the following ways:
    7.2.1 Through the Internet bank

    7.2.2  Credit Card

    7.2.3  Payment in advance by proforma invoice sent by email. In that case to the buyer email address will be sent order confirmation or proforma invoice for payment. Invoice for the purchase will be sent by email after payment in a day of delivery.

8.  Order will be canceled if the proforma invoice will be not paid within 5 calendar days from the order placement date.

9.  Delivery and transfer of products

     9.1 The products will be delivered to the specified in the order address.

     9.2  Product instruction and other documents delivered within the prescribed period.

     9.3  If the products ordered by you is not in stock and must be ordered from the supplier, and therefore the delivery by the deadline is not possible, as well as in other cases where timely delivery of products is not possible for reasons beyond the    control of Seller will inform a buyer about a delay in the order specified by the contact phone or email within 2 days from the date of entry, and specify the new date of delivery of the ordered products. In case of delay a buyer has a right to cancel  the order and the amount you paid (including postage) will be refunded.

    9.4   Delivery address cannot be changed.

    9.5   Please follow the correct contact information to avoid delays and misunderstanding at the delivery. Seller and the courier company are not responsible for delays in delivery and other misunderstandings in the event that they are caused by    inaccurate or incorrect data entered by you.

10.   Cancellations and Returns
         Buyer has the right, after payment of the products, but before delivery, to cancel the order if contact a seller by contact form.  The message should consist of order number and buyer bank account.

11.   In case of cancellation of the order buyer will get back paid amount minus 2% of sum for operations.

12.   Money for returned products will be transferred to buyer’s bank account no later than 30 days from the date of receipt.

13.   The returned products must be in the same package. The set should contain all items in the package – include the cables, documentation, etc.). If package is not full the Seller has the right to reduce the amount of refund. In case of product    return Seller has the right to require the buyer to pay transport costs or deduct transportation costs from the amount refunded.

14.   If the returned products and / or its packaging is damaged, or have the wrong characteristics, or was improperly installed or circumstances unrelated to Seller; or products have been misused, then Seller has the right to reduce the amount of  refund. In this case Seller will send you a detailed account on the order specified in the e-mail address. If you do not agree with the stated amount of the reduction value of the products you have the right to bring to an independent expert  assessment. Spending on independent expertise is shared equally between you and Seller, except in cases where the claim of one party is obviously unfounded. In this case, the cost of examination brings the party whose claim is obviously  unfounded.

15.   Warranty and Returns

    15.1 Seller is responsible for the defects appear within 2 years from the date of purchase.
    15.2 Seller is not responsible for:
       15.2.1 deterioration or damage to the products through your fault;
       15.2.2 defects caused by improper use of the product;
       15.2.3 Normal wear and tear of products in the course of normal use. 
    15.3 If there is a defect you have the right to demand the replacement of the products or to reject the products and return the defective products Seller
    15.4 In case of return of defective products returned to you the amount paid (together with the cost of delivery) to a specified bank account no later than 30 days after the return of the defective products.
    15.5 In addition to the rights arising out of the warranty conditions, buyer has other rights under the law.

 16. Responsibility and force majeure
    16.1 Seller is responsible in front of you, and you respond to Seller for damages to the other side of a breach of these conditions in the case and to the extent specified in the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.
    16.2 Seller is not responsible for the damage suffered by you or delay in delivery of the products if the damage or delay in delivery caused by circumstances which Seller could not influence, and which approach Seller did not foresee and could not foresee (force majeure).

17.  Other Conditions
    17.1 all personal buyer data, published during a visit to the online store and committed purchases are considered confidential information. Encrypted data channel provides the security of personal data of the buyer and the bank details. Seller hasn’t access to that data.
    17.2 On matters not specified in these Terms shall be governed by the law in the Republic of Estonia.
    17.3 Disputes arising between you and Seller in connection with orders and purchases made through the online store settled by the parties through negotiations. In case of failure to reach an agreement, you have the right to apply for protection    of their rights in the Consumer Protection Board or the Harju Maakoht Court. At a resolution of disagreements sides proceed from the current legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

18.   Responsibility
    18.1 the range of products and prices are subject to change without notice.
    18.2 All images and descriptions are as close to reality, but do not always give a comprehensive picture of the product. We have those images and descriptions are provided by the manufacturer of the products, which sometimes make mistakes. In  the description of the products and their characteristics, we try to be as accurate as possible, but do not claim to ultimate truth. Producers of products can change specifications without prior agreement with us, which is why the descriptions of  products may contain inaccuracies. In this case, online Marketplace is not responsible for the accuracy of the information published.
    18.3 Online store reserves the right to cancel the sale if the following problems: the publication of prices occurred human error or technical error in the system (for example, if the product is worth 200 euros suddenly put up for sale for 20 euros,  then there is an obvious error. Based on from this, we hope to understand the buyers that we are talking about the error and the products cannot be sold for a specified value.)
   18.4. Information about products is regularly checked and updated. Data may vary after your last visit. If you have noticed the discrepancy in the description or pictures of products, please notify us by Contact.