The Intelligent Stack Light Monitoring Sensor for OEE Application

The Intelligent Stack Light Monitoring Sensor for OEE Application

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The WISE-S100 is an easy-to-install intelligent stack light monitoring sensor designed to fit a variety of stack-type light towers. When the WISE-4000 Wireless modular I/O series is paired with a WISE-S100 sensor, it yields a remote intelligent OEE solution that can be integrated without stopping machinery, or worrying about wiring. The WISE-S100 also enhances productivity and overall equipment effectiveness.

One Solution for Multiple Stack Type Light Tower Applications

Stack Light Status Monitoring

WISE-S100 is capable of detecting light statuses—including on/off, and slow/fast blink. This solution has 8x built-in light sensors for quick installation to fulfill most tower light applications.

Plug and Play

Directly position WISE-S100 on the stack-type light tower to quickly get light statuses. Users do not need to stop the machine/equipment to deploy this intelligent OEE solution.

One product for all scenarios
Fits a variety of stack-type light towers
8 light sensors for fast flexible installation
No need to stop the machinery while deployment
Remote intelligent OEE solution by pairing with WISE-4000 series wireless I/O module
Low power consumption for WISE-4000 LPWAN series

Remote Intelligent OEE Solution

When paired with the WISE- 4000 Wireless I/O Module:

LoRaWAN/proprietary LPWAN - can support an optional battery.

Can log up to 10 0000 samples of data with a time stamp. Once the memory is full, can overwrite old data to ring log or just stop the log function.