• Model: DF-RP-1040
  • Brand: WISE
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WISE-S100 is an easy to install intelligent stack light monitoring sensor to fit a variety of stack-type light towers. When WISE-4000 wireless modular I/O series is paired with WISE-S100 sensor, users get a remote and intelligent OEE solution that can be integrated without stopping machinery, or worrying about wiring. WISE-S100 enhances the productivity and overall equipment effectiveness. It supports WiFi 2.4G and various LPWAN wireless technologies such as LoRaWAN and proprietary LPWAN (SUB-G) which has higher penetration, lower interference, wider coverage and fits diverse production scenarios on the production line. WISE-4000 LPWAN series come with an optional battery power solution



  • One product for all scenarios
  • Fits a variety of stack-type light towers
  • 8 light sensors for fast flexible installation
  • No need to stop the machinery while deployment
  • Remote intelligent OEE solution by pairing with WISE-4000 series wireless I/O module
  • Low power consumption for WISE-4000 LPWAN series

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