Heated benches for parks, transport  stops, playgrounds

Heated benches for parks, transport stops, playgrounds

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Electrically heated outdoors benches made from Plastic Wood Composite (PWC). DIFI design allow to use things last longer. 
In general outdoors benches located at public transport stops, parks, children playgrounds is not in use 7 months a year in a most of the Northern countries, like Sweden or Canada, just because there are wet or cold.

We developed benches design for 8 years outdoors usage to make life in a smart city more comfortable. Built in a seat sensors for detecting humans or snow on a bench surface in a pair with astronomical timer make energy consumption less. Power consumption depends of bench size and outdoor temperature.  Average  power consumption for 2 seats bench without backrest ~ 210 Wh, for 2 seats bench with warmed backrest ~420 Wh, for 3 seats with warmed backrest ~630 Wh. Working time per day is programmed by the astronomical timer, for example 10:00 - 22:00.

Bench working outdoors temperature range is -15 to +15 °C. Seat is going to warm up to +25 °C. It is restricted for medical reasons.
LED stipe backlights can be built in a backrest by demand. Recommended fixing type is anchor bolts to the concrete base. 

Find design idea in internet sent us a photo and we will send you an offer back.​​​​​​​

Click on picture below and checkup VIDEO for details (2:15)      

NB! Heated benches are highly recommended advertisement product to energy distribution and generating companies, transport companies, real estate developers.