Wireless Spectrometer

  • Model: DF-RP-853
  • Brand: PASCO scientific
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How It Works

Absorbance and Transmittance: Light from the LED-boosted tungsten light source passes through the solution and a high quality diffraction grating. The CCD array detects the light for collection and analysis.

PASCO's FREE Spectrometry Software walks you through the process of calibration, performing a full spectrum scan, determining the optimum wavelength for study, and concentration and kinetics experiments.

And the software is available for PC®, Mac® and iPads® which makes the PASCO Spectrometer easy to use in any technology setting.


Important Note: Solutions used within this spectrometer should be compatible with polystyrene (cuvette material) and ABS (spectrometer housing material). In particular, strong organic solvents such as acetone will damage the cuvettes.


Perform these labs and more with the Wireless Spectrometer


  • Emission Spectra of light
  • Absorbance and transmittance spectra
  • Beer's Law: concentration and absorbance
  • Kinetics
  • Fluorescence


  • Photosynthesis with DPIP
  • Absorption spectra of plant pigments
  • Concentration of proteins in solution
  • Rate of enzyme-catalyzed reactions
  • Growth of cell cultures


  • Light intensity across the visible spectrum
  • Emission spectra of light sources
  • Match known spectra with references

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