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SPARKvue is our award-winning science learning application that combines rich standards-based content, data collection, visualization, analysis, and assessment into one seamless environment. The new expanded framework allows students to perform sensor data analysis – at school or home, with opportunities for student reflection using journal snapshots of work as well as written observations – all with the touch of a finger.

The full and complete version of SPARKvue is now available as FREE apps for Chromebook, iPad and Android Tablets. There are also free 60-day trials for PC and Mac with very affordable single user and site licenses after that.

Easy to use and yet powerful, new data-sharing and other collaborative features make this application ideal for use in and out of the science classroom. SPARKvue offers the same user experience regardless of your technology platform and is the only ChromeBook App on the market that allows for direct data collection on a ChromeBook device.

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Wireless Connectivity

SPARKvue allows you to connect directly to our growing line of powerful, low-cost Wireless Sensors as well as our revolutionary Smart Carts - dynamics carts with built in sensors for position, velocity, acceleration (3 axis and resultant), force and rotational motion.

And our Wireless Sensors also feature our exclusive Logging Mode. Data for long term experiments can be collected directly on the sensor and then uploaded to your devices. Collect data for days or even weeks to show long term trends.

Have existing PASPORT sensors? Any of the more than 80 PASPORT sensors can be made wireless as well with the new low cost AirLink interface which can connect by USB or Bluetooth® 4.


  • Designed to enable simpler, smoother, and faster interactions between your students and the science you’re teaching.
  • Intuitive icon-based navigation keeps the focus on the learning, not the tool
  • Provides real-time, quantitative measurement and analysis with the PASPORT line of sensors.
  • Energize student reflection and discussion with built-in predictions, annotation tools, snapshot capability, and an electronic journal.
  • Display data in multiple simultaneous representations, including graphs, tables, digital displays, and analog meters.
  • Optimized for touchscreen systems – perfect for interactive whiteboards and tablet PCs.
  • Easily export data in a range of formats
  • Create interactive SPARKlabs for use on your computer or on the SPARK Science Learning System.
  • Enables multiple modes of discovery -- from guided inquiry to open-ended exploration

Data collection & display

  • Periodic sampling
  • Manual sampling
  • Graph
  • Digits
  • Meter
  • Tables
  • Multiple representations on one screen

Analysis Tools

  • Prediction tool
  • Smart tool (coordinates and deltas)
  • Scale-to-fit
  • Zoom
  • Annotation
  • Slope tool
  • Statistics
  • Curve fits

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