Software development

How we are working

The first step of our cooperation it’s studying and analyzing your ideas, in which we will prepare a detailed proposal with a list of tasks and a scope of work.

The next step is after the adoption of the proposal, it’s preparing a prototype solution. In the further development process, we will prepare one or more results. In such a way we will keep in touch with you regularly confirming the completed tasks and implement any necessary changes.

The development process will be held in several iterations, by the Agile methodology, constantly adding improvements and improve the system as long as the objectives are achieved. During the development process the test version of the system will be activated, where you can look at the availability.

Before the system starting to an operation, our testers will run a detailed check of quality.

By the full readiness, the information system will be put into operation. Further our cooperation will continue by the training using the new information system and technical support.

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