LabVIEW BASIC 1 training for test engineers

Training on sight working place are frequently asked option from EMS companies. Of course, it is not a good idea to bother a trainee and usually, the

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LabVIEW BASIC 2 - 2 Days.

This course will learn you how to design, deploy and distribute stand-alone applications LabView, apply single-circuit and multi-application schemes,

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LabView DAQ

This course will learn you how to work with real devices & real signals. Duration Two (2) Days. Group up to 5.

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IDAQ-964-AE Industrial DAQ Chassis Module for AMAX-5000

iDAQ-964 is a four-slot data acquisition chassis. It’s a chassis module to realize the availability of iDAQ functionalities on the AMAX-5000 platform.

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