Gyroscopes Test System

  • Model: DF-RP-804
  • Brand: ATES
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Test system is designed to measure gyroscopes parameters, including measurements in the temperature range in order to control the quality of devices. The system is based on the NI PXI platform and uses software developed in the NI LabVIEW graphical programming environment.

The stand consists of turntable where can be installed four gyroscopes and rackmount with real-time controller, data acquisition and data processing modules and modules for gyro motors control.


  1. Power supply
  2. Current consumption
  3. Rotor acceleration time up to synchronous speed
  4. Rotor run-down time
  5. Resonance frequency of rotor speed
  6. Temperature coefficient of resonance frequency
  7. Instability of resonance frequency
  8. Steepness of torque sensors
  9. Temperature coefficient of torque sensor’s steepness
  10. Instability of torque sensor’s steepness
  11. Error binding of torque sensor’s electric axes
  12. Instability of torque sensor’s electric axes
  13. Time constant of gyroscope
  14. Steepness of angle sensors
  15. Harmonic modulation of angle sensor’s signal
  16. Acceleration of body devices vibration
  17. Deviation angle of rotor up to the stop
  18. Drift of angle speed
  19. Receptiveness to axial vibration
  20. Temperature coefficient of drift components
  21. Temperature coefficient drift of nonlinearity
  22. Readiness time
  23. Angular speed
  24. Continuous operating time

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