System for Testing High-Speed ADC

  • Model: DF-RP-797
  • Brand: ATES
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The special feature and software have been designed and developed for measuring dynamic and static parameters of high-speed pipelined ADCs with 100 MHz sampling rate and 300 MHz bandwidth.

The system is capable of measuring the following static and dynamic ADC parameters:

  • INL
  • DNL
  • SNR
  • SFDR
  • High level voltage
  • Low level voltage
  • Offset error

A high-stable 1 GHz clock generator with programmable clock divider is installed to achieve high stable clock for sampling and low jitter. The clock source can be programmable selected from built-in 1GHz clock or NI PXI 6674 Timing Module.  Special feature allows to measure the above mentioned parameters in wide range of temperature -60-80C.


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