LoRaWAN Wireless Condition Monitoring Kit

  • Model: DF-RP-1045
  • Brand: WISE
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Wireless Condition Monitoring Kit

The WISE-2410SK is a ready-to-use LoRaWAN wireless health monitoring solution.

This kit includes a WISE-2410 vibration sensor, a WISE-6610 LoRaWAN gateway, a magnetic base and 2 batteries for the WISE-2410, as well as an AC and DC adapter for the WISE-6610.


LoRaWAN Wireless Condition Monitoring Kit

  • LoRaWAN wireless connection.

  • Built-in 3-axis accelerometer and temperature sensor.

  • Built-in Calculation: Sends VRMS, ARMS, Peak, Bias, Kurtosis, Crest Factor, Skewness, and Standard Deviation values directly to the application.

  • Supports battery power, no wiring required.

  • Easy setup with the user-friendly interfaces of the WISE Studio utility.

  • Complies with ISO 10816-1 standard.

  • Supports a wide temperature range of -20 ~ 80 °C.

  • IP66 housing design.


The set consists of 

  1. WISE-2410 vibration sensor

  2. WISE-6610 LoRaWAN Gateway

  3. Magnetic base

  4. 2 x batteries for WISE-2410

  5. AC/DC adapter for WISE-6610


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