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  • Model: DF-S-1025
  • Brand: DIFI
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 We design web sites, digital services, visual identity. We build digital solutions that delight your customers and enable real growth.

Strategy and Concept

First, we need to define the Strategy. What kind of experience is it to interact with your digital product or website? Is it easy to find relevant information? Does it delight at every touchpoint and does it convert users into advocates for your company? We believe that proper UX & strategy is the cornerstone of every successful product. Read more and learn how we create delightful user experiences and strategies that work like a charm.

  • Service Design and Buyer Personas
  • From Buyer to User 

For example, here you can see a customer explained, that the main buyer is a government. We helped to find a proper name to the project and bought the domain name. We created by his wish a concept to present the idea.


Visual Design

Design is emotional expression of your idea. DIFI.NET aim is to make the world more beautiful. With user centred design we create every touchpoint of a user experience visually appealing, interactive and memorable. The end result is a dynamic digital user experience that simply feels amazing and elicits positive emotions in users. 

  • Logotype and Visual Identity set
  • Graphic Design
  • UI Design
  • Illustration
  • Animation

Starting from one logotype design we came to another. Technology is global, that's true, but consultancy service is personal. And you can see that message in a logotype if you imagine, that it is the view from above.


Web Development

We can offer simple solutions, SaaS services or E-commerce. 

First business model of GLOBAL INVESTIGATION TECHNOLOGY FOR ECONOMIC ANALYSIS was a subscription based service. But we offered first create the landing page and check business model. It was done and soon project owner understand, that it is possible to collect money trough Initial Coin Offering (ICO). DIFI.NET can make it, but let us evaluate your business model.


Marketing & Growth

Best marketing campaigns are born from a holistic approach: A full understanding of your customers, product and an entire process where we combine this knowledge. We specialize in creating and implementing inbound marketing strategies, that are known to convert website users into warm leads and eventually into paying customers. By utilizing the latest marketing tools we make sure that you get the maximum potential out of your website. Read more and learn how we can help you reach a wider audience of people that are of value to you.

Finally, GLOBAL INVESTIGATION TECHNOLOGY FOR ECONOMIC ANALYSIS sold the software solution to hedge fund.



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