Software Test Automation

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This course will give you a basic knowledge of test automation. The main focus of this course is an introduction to automation test execution by different methods. After completing this course, you will have a general theoretical conception of test automation and practical experience of different kinds of test automation methods. The latter will allow you to dig deeper and widen your horizon of testing.
The Software Test Automation course gives basic ideas of automation testing: why automate, what should and should not be automated. It introduces you to a practical side of automation test execution with the use of different methods. After the Software Test Automation Tutorial course, you have learned how to create automated tests over web-applications using the visual approach as well as functional. The hands-on format of the course enables you to apply and develop skills learned in the course.  
Classroom: 3 days (8h / 1d) including pauses.
This course is intended for:

  •  Software manual testers
  •  Software developers
  •  Students studying Information Technology/Informatics

 Some experience in software testing
 Own laptop with Windows or OSX operating system.
 Open-source tools to be installed will be informed after registration.

Course outline
Day 1
Theory part:

 Why Automate

 Test Automation Pyramid

 What Should We Automate

 What Should We Not  Automate

 What Might Be Hard To Automate

Day 2
Hands-on part 1:

 Record/Playback scripts

 Linear scripting


Day 3
Hands-on part 2:

 Modular scripting

 Keyword-driven testing 


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