Industrial IoT Lab. Basic Version

  • Model: DF-RP-1012
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The IoT links smart objects to the Internet. It can enable an exchange of data never available before, and bring users information in a more secure way.Industrial IoT is when the Internet and networks expand to places, such as manufacturing floors, energy grids, healthcare facilities, and transportation.Industrial devices, such as sensors, actuators, embedded controllers, are being connected to the internet allowing online and remote control and monitoring. 

The purpose of the IIoT kit is to provide software and hardware platform for learning the concepts of the IIoT. This IIoT kit is based on National Instrument’s myRIO embedded device. As a cloud technology the IIoT lab is using ThingWorx from PTC, and IBM Watson platforms.The training kit includes comprehensive user manual describing creation of things in different cloud platforms, as well as detailed instructions for the hands-on labs.


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