Biomedical Devices Engineering Lab

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The laboratory facility for hands-on study of Biomedical Devices Engineering is based on the NI ELVIS platform used in conjunction with software developed in the LabVIEW graphical programming environment.

All hands-on operations are conducted on the «Biomedical Devices Engineering» board. The circuits to be assembled are presented on respective front panels of each hands-on project, as well as in courseware manual. Corresponding sections of the manual are also included in the lab software.

Course software has simple and intuitive user interface. Circuit schematics along with the available meters and instruments are displayed on respective front panels during the lab. The obtained results are visualized as real time plots and can be exported and saved in MS Excel format.

Step-by-step instructions, available for each lab, describe all consecutive operations that the student must perform, along with the results that must be obtained.


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