IIoT and DAQ supply

What does it mean to be a part of the supply chain?

The collaborative relationship between the customer and DIFI.NET builds on the knowledge, that every customer wishes to "do more with less". To achieve that DIFI.NET are involved in various tasks to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction.


Logistics and Supply Chain

From some perspectives, it's like being a servant of two masters. We must work with you to optimize supply chain efficiency and minimize shipment delays, and at the same time help manufacturers reduce excess inventory or stock balances due to purchasing plans. This is a continuous way to optimize logistics processes to ensure on-time and cost-effective delivery of products.


Inventory management

Close collaboration between end customer purchasers and our FSEs aims to reduce lead times. Currently, for most of the products we can provide delivery within 10 working days. For some Manufacturers like Advantech, we can see the producer stock online in SAP, and handle and trace orders, which reduces manual data entry and the risk of errors associated with paper-based or email interchange processes. DIFI.NET FSE provides demand forecasting and planning guidance to minimize inventory and overstock because we know product life cycles, global consumption statistics, and component shortages and delays, if any.


Clear ordering procedures

Standardized work procedures for regular customers with sales history.

  1. Inquiry from you to DIFI.NET
  2. Quote from DIFI.NET to You
  3. Order from you to DIFI.NET
  4. Order from DIFI.NET to the manufacturer
  5. Order confirmation from the manufacturer to DIFI.NET
  6. Order confirmation from DIFI.NET to You
  7. Delivery notes from the manufacturer to DIFI.NET
  8. Waybill from DIFI.NET to You
  9. Invoice from DIFI.NET to You.

For new customers, the ordering process starts with the creation of a customer card and the conclusion of a supply agreement or with the issuance of a proforma invoice.


Quality Assurance:

DIFI.NET are part of feedback mechanisms to continuously enhance the quality of products and services. We not only deliver improvement requirements based on customer suggestions and concerns to product managers but also come up with new features and initiatives which could make products more desirable to the end customers. It is also related to certification and calibration compliances.


Market Intelligence:

By attending trade shows and industry seminars, DIFI.NET staff gather information on industry trends and standardization approaches, allowing us to share this data with your development departments.


Training and Webinars

DIFI.NET Field Sales and Application Engineers used comprehensive training programs organized by manufacturer product managers to get to know device and component usage aspects. If you've learned it yourself, pass it on. DIFI.NET are organizing webinars and training on demand to enhance your test engineers' or developers' product knowledge and troubleshooting skills. Years of practice have shown an effective way to conduct 3-day on-site training. DIFi.NET has various training materials and special equipment for this purpose. In cooperation with your IT department, software pre-installation is performed in a conference room or training room. Your engineers learn close to the production lines, which minimizes risks in case they need to be involved.


Warranty and RMA

DIFI.NET is the first line of technical support. We will take care of the definition and description of the defective product and will forward it to the nearest troubleshooting and repair service.  


Documentation and Resources

For certain projects, DIFI.NET develop and maintain a repository of online documentation, including manuals, datasheets, and application notes.