Start-up concept forming

To bring your idea to life not only the investor money is needed.

Most beginners knew, that 90% of Start-ups fail. We study on their faults to help our customers proceed with actions successfully. Even nowadays some business trainers proclaim: Do not fear to fail.  Get it out in the open. It sounds like you shouldn't be afraid of loan and lose the borrowed money. We do not support their thought. Do not be afraid to overcome yourself.

That means that You need to wear a new lifestyle, which is requiring non-standard models of thinking and behaving. Because of a human's internal nature, we prefer nice outcome things neither to fails. The same story happens with belongings and business ideas. It easy to understand, a man presents to a dear woman diamond ring, but not a glazier's diamond. The pearl looks nicer in the necklace.


Business model

So, first, we will help you to clarify and align with what you want to achieve. Different goals - different hits. The approach is analogous for virtual and real products, for subscription AI technology-based service placed in a cloud or new coffee shop around the corner. All we plan to earn on a problem resolution. Well, where there are also a few business cases with leisure. But it no difference, as Roman emperor Vespasian says 20 centuries ago about public toilet fee Money Does Not Stink.


Virtual digital residency and Visual identity 

The second question to yourself, how to find your look. You are unique, we will find a way to emphasize this. We will not load you unnecessary knowledge, like Mock-up, bleed area, paid font... Web office should work smoothly. The product or service should be easily founded by the search voice assistant. You will have own presentation style, flyer and roll up banner if you are going to pitch.


Double Diamond design process model will push your business idea to transform. You didn't expect, that it has so many varieties. We cannot may choice by you, but we can help to define choosing criteria. The results depend on the team, who elicit the solution from real needs and becoming incarnate endowed desires. Project planning and internal culture, security risks it is all about the team.

We learned equation Success = (Investments/potential)*team.  Let's apply it to Your Business Idea. Send us your contacts by email to