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How to Study NI

Recommended way to study NI products.
You should feel a necessity to improve you level of knowledge. First, you need to understand what to study. Of course, www.ni.com will give you first impression. But after do not hesitate to invite NI representatives for free presentation. You will understand how NI Technologies could help you to execute your business objectives.  After that you need some time for self education. Download LabVIEW evaluation 30 days version and try to create some simple projects. If you have an interest during 2 weeks you will know basics. Please write down questions, which will appear during self education. Some answers you will find in a forums. After that choose the training and  find the answer for the rest of questions. Next steps are trainings and certifications.
What Makes UP NI Courses?
Lecture, demonstrations, quizzes, hands-On, Programming Exercises.

Were are lot of training courses. But do not jump over. Let's begin from LV Core 1,2. In case your work is proper organized most effective to study at your facilities. It should be one day pause between trainings days. We recommend small groups till 8. After trainings you should pass the exam. It will show your concentration on studying in %. After that prepare yourselves to certification. Where is preparation guide, which you can follow to pass the certification. 
Why Get Certified?
Understand skills level of employees.Identify technical lead candidates. Uncover knowledge or process gaps. Recently, NI surveyed Certified LabVIEW Developers who confirmed certification benefits:
• Over 54% said the quality of their work improved
• Nearly 45% said how peers perceived them improved
• Nearly 30% said their certification led to new project opportunities
Download Certification preparation guide [PDF]