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Electronic and electromechanical device testers

Electronic device testers

Electronic device testers forvarious ICs (ADC, DAC, RAM, etc.)

The testers consist of data acquisition and processing modules along withmultiple probes for the testing of power parameters (voltage,current) for input and output signals.

Electromechanical device testers

A system for testing dynamically tunable gyroscopes. Measurement ofgyroscope parameters, including measurements in the temperaturerange, for products output control.

The test bench consists of a turntable, on which four gyroscopes can beinstalled, and a cabinet with a real-time controller, dataacquisition and processing modules, as well as gyroscope controlmodules. The cabinet is connected to the turntable using the CANinterface.

Measured parameters:

  • Supply voltage

  • Current consumption

  • Launch time

  • Incidental deviation speed

  • Parameters temperature dependence

  • Parameters specific for a particular gyroscope type.


  • Manual and automatic measurements

  • Data storage in a database

  • Simultaneous testing of up to four gyroscopes

  • Simple and convenient user interface

  • Emergency stops