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Chip Testers


Analog chip testers

Analog chip testers formeasurement of static and dynamic parameters of operationalamplifiers, comparators, etc., with and heat chamber connectivityoption.


  • Voltage gain: from 1 to 5*103 V/mV

  • Voltage offset: from ± 1 µV to ± 10 mV

  • Input current: from ± 10 nA to ± 100 µA

  • Common mode rejection ratio: from 20 to 130 dB

  • Rate of rise of output voltage: up to 5000 V/µs

Digital chip testers

Digital chip testers forcomplex automated testing and incoming inspection of large and verylarge scale integration circuits and memory chips. The device can beused for testing of microprocessors, memory chips, ASICs, FPGAs, etc.The number of signal terminal connections can be varied depending onthe task.


  • Test memory: up to 64Mb

  • Operating frequency: up to 200MHz

Mixed type IC testers

Mixed type IC testers forparametric control of static and dynamic parameters of analog-digitaland digital-analog integrated circuits.


  • Tested IC’s digit capacity: up to 24 bit

  • Tested IC’s with sampling rate: up to 1GHz

  • Analog signal dynamic range: up to 118 dBFS

  • Support of TTL, LVTTL and LVDS standards