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GSM Base Station Test System

Test System Features:

  • Repeater full specification test in just 20 min
  • Fully automated with self calibration
  • Developed using TestStand
  • Upgradable to support LTE and UMTS repeaters
  • All test system just in one 19” Rack
  • Low cost solution compared to others
  • 24/7 Operation and health tracking
  • 30 minutes recovery after HW failure

Measured Parameters:

  • Error Vector Magnitude Measurements (EVM)
  • 6.5 GHz Receiver Sensitivity measurement
  • Frequency Accuracy measurements (Difference between input and output frequencies not more than 50 Hz)
  • Output power of Relaying and GSM channel
  • Intermodulation Distortion Measurement (IMD)
  • Spectral mask according GSM Standard
  • Booth time

Details :

  • Category : Mobile Test, RF Test