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Chip Testers


Analog chip testers

Analog chip testers formeasurement of static and dynamic parameters of operationalamplifiers, comparators, etc., with and heat chamber connectivityoption.


  • Voltage gain: from 1 to 5*103 V/mV

  • Voltage offset: from ± 1 µV to ± 10 mV

  • Input current: from ± 10 nA to ± 100 µA

  • Common mode rejection ratio: from 20 to 130 dB

  • Rate of rise of output voltage: up to 5000 V/µs

Digital chip testers

Digital chip testers forcomplex automated testing and incoming inspection of large and verylarge scale integration circuits and memory chips. The device can beused for testing of microprocessors, memory chips, ASICs, FPGAs, etc.The number of signal terminal connections can be varied depending onthe task.


  • Test memory: up to 64Mb

  • Operating frequency: up to 200MHz

Mixed type IC testers

Mixed type IC testers forparametric control of static and dynamic parameters of analog-digitaland digital-analog integrated circuits.


  • Tested IC’s digit capacity: up to 24 bit

  • Tested IC’s with sampling rate: up to 1GHz

  • Analog signal dynamic range: up to 118 dBFS

  • Support of TTL, LVTTL and LVDS standards


Components tester

Electronic component testers

Semiconductor componenttesters

Semiconductor componenttesters for functional and parametric control of static and dynamicparameters of semiconductor devices, which including powertransistors, diodes, etc.


  • Maximum voltage: 4000 V

  • Maximum current: 400 A

Passive components tester

Passive component testers fortesting and monitoring the parameters of various passive elements. Auniversal system for functional and parametric control, combining awide range of measurements, flexibility and rapid reorientation fornew product types (in many cases, only adaptation of the test adapterand software is required).

Measured parameters:

  • Reed switches

  • Optoelectronic commutators

  • Resistors

  • Capacitors

  • Relays



High-Speed ADCs Test System

The system is designed for functional and parametric control of dynamic and static parameters of high-speed ADCs (up to 1GHz) and to performs functional control.


  • High-count LVDS channel simultaneous acquisition
  • High-count single-ended simultaneous acquisition and generation with per pin programmable voltage levels for VOH, VOL, VTT, VIH and VIL
  • Logical level registration of the digital lines

Measured Parameters:

Static parameters

  • Current consumption of the analog / digital part of the ADC
  • Differential output voltage values
  • Logical levels’ voltages of the synchronizing signal
  • Input resistance
  • Offset error
  • Range of the complete scale
  • Integral / Differential nonlinearity (INL / DNL)

Dynamic parameters

  • Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
  • Signal-to-noise and distortion ratio (SINAD)
  • Spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR)
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD)
  • Second- and third-degree harmonic components
  • Aperture jitter

Details :

  • Category : Semiconductor Test



RF and SHF component testers

F and SHF component tester

RFand SHF component testers for testing and monitoring the parametersof electronic components (generators, low noise amplifiers, filters,attenuators, etc.) operating in the frequency range from 10 MHz to 26GHz.

Complete software control overthe output signals, analysis and storage of the signals measured onthe DUT.

Testers can be operated bothin automatic or manual mode.

Measured parameters:

  • Gain

  • Signal/noise ratio

  • S11, S12, S21, S22

  • Matching factor

  • Bandwidth

  • Frequency response function

  • Frequency response instability

  • Amplitude-phase response function

  • EVM

  • ACPR

  • 1dB compression point

  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

  • Nonlinear distortion factor

  • Phase noise

  • Path length

  • Efficiency

  • IMD Intermodulation factor (IMD)

RF and SHF device tester

RFand SHF device testers for testing and monitoring the parameters ofelectronic devices (RF transceiver modules, transmitter stations,multichannel transmitters, etc.).

Complete software control overthe output signals, analysis and storage of the signals measured onthe DUT.

Testers can be operated bothin automatic or manual mode.


  • Operating bandwidth

  • Transmitter output power

  • Receiver pulse input power

  • Phase deviation, for any phase difference in the 0 to 360° range

  • Receiver and transmitter pulse duration

  • RF output signal rising and falling edge duration

  • Transmitter and receiver frequency response nonlinearity

  • Output signal pulse amplitude deviation

  • Output RF pulse rising and falling edge delay instability

  • Electric length of transmitter and receiver path

  • VSWR measurement on input connectors

  • PFD efficiency measurement

  • Measuring receiver channel gain

  • Measuring receiver channel noise

  • Measuring receiver channel gain

  • Measuring receiver channel gain

Electronic and electromechanical device testers

Electronic device testers

Electronic device testers forvarious ICs (ADC, DAC, RAM, etc.)

The testers consist of data acquisition and processing modules along withmultiple probes for the testing of power parameters (voltage,current) for input and output signals.

Electromechanical device testers

A system for testing dynamically tunable gyroscopes. Measurement ofgyroscope parameters, including measurements in the temperaturerange, for products output control.

The test bench consists of a turntable, on which four gyroscopes can beinstalled, and a cabinet with a real-time controller, dataacquisition and processing modules, as well as gyroscope controlmodules. The cabinet is connected to the turntable using the CANinterface.

Measured parameters:

  • Supply voltage

  • Current consumption

  • Launch time

  • Incidental deviation speed

  • Parameters temperature dependence

  • Parameters specific for a particular gyroscope type.


  • Manual and automatic measurements

  • Data storage in a database

  • Simultaneous testing of up to four gyroscopes

  • Simple and convenient user interface

  • Emergency stops

Relay Testers


Relaytesters for testing and control of the parameters for various relaytypes and designs. A universal system for functional and parametriccontrol, combining a wide range of measurement capabilities, alongwith flexibility and fast readjustment.

Measured parameters:

  • Coil current: up to 1 A (±0.02% + 20 mA)

  • Coil voltage: up to 40 V (±0.05% + 1 mV)

  • Voltage application to the coil: gradual rise, pulse, step

  • Insulation test voltage: up to 1000 V (±1% + 1 V)

  • Coil resistance measurement range: 1 Ohm to 10 kOhm (±0.01% +100 mOhm)

  • Insulation resistance measurement range: 1 MOhm to 1 GOhm (±0.01% +100 kOhm)

  • Time resolution: 1 µs (±0.001% + 20 ns)

  • Actuation/release time measurement range: 1 µs to 1000 ms (±0.001% + 20 ns)

  • Bounce time measurement range: 1 µs to 1000 ms (±0.001% + 20 ns)

  • Actuation/release time difference: 1 µs to 1000 ms (±0.001% + 20 ns)

  • Contact movement time during actuation/release: 1 µs 1000 ms (±0.001% + 20 ns)

  • Number of operator stations: 1

  • Number of mounting pads per operator station: 2

Cable harness testers


Cableharness testers for the control of cable networks. The testers arecapable of controlling complex and critical cabling (on spacecrafts,aircrafts, continuous-manufacturing control systems, energy systems,etc.), unstuffed printed circuit boards, etc. They can also be usedfor assembly quality testing various electric units. The testersconsist of at least one high-voltage matrix switch (2x200 channels),with the possibility of expansion of the number of channels.


  • Switching voltage (AC or DC): at least 2000 V

  • Switching current: at least 1A

GSM/6GHz Up/Down Converters Test System

Technical Specification:

  • Generation of GSM, EDGE signals according to ETSI TS 145 005 V9.2.0 (2010-04)
  • Capability to generate any modulation type with just software update
  • AGC Calibration
  • VSWR automated measurements
  • 24/7 operation
  • Just 20 sec of test time (for one DUT)
  • Self calibration before each test
  • Automatic generation of test results in report file

Measured Parameters:

  • Gain
  • Noise figure
  • Output power
  • Passband ripple
  • Input power
  • Out-of-band rejection

Details :

  • Category : Mobile Test, RF Test



GSM Base Station Test System

Test System Features:

  • Repeater full specification test in just 20 min
  • Fully automated with self calibration
  • Developed using TestStand
  • Upgradable to support LTE and UMTS repeaters
  • All test system just in one 19” Rack
  • Low cost solution compared to others
  • 24/7 Operation and health tracking
  • 30 minutes recovery after HW failure

Measured Parameters:

  • Error Vector Magnitude Measurements (EVM)
  • 6.5 GHz Receiver Sensitivity measurement
  • Frequency Accuracy measurements (Difference between input and output frequencies not more than 50 Hz)
  • Output power of Relaying and GSM channel
  • Intermodulation Distortion Measurement (IMD)
  • Spectral mask according GSM Standard
  • Booth time

Details :

  • Category : Mobile Test, RF Test

Airborne Computer Test and Verification System