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NI Industrial Sensors

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Industrial Sensors Lab

The Industrial Sensors Lab is a training equipment for the study of operating principles of various sensors and other solutions used for the improvement of automated production lines. The students can use the test bench to study the principles of designing automated control systems based on distributed signal input/output from various sensors.

Required hardware and software
 ▪ NI cRIO platform
 ▪ Lab platform
 ▪ Compressor
 ▪ Lab software and user manual

List of labs
1. Operating principles and applications of vacuum gripper module
2. Methods of installation and control of air cylinders with magnetic sensors
3. Operating principles and characteristics of various photosensors: barrier type (Type T), reflector type (type R), diffuse type (type D)
4. Operating principles and characteristics of capacitance and inductance sensors
5. Using machine vision for detection of defects or identification of objects during manufacturing
6. Operating principles of color sensors