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NI Automation Production Line

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Automation Production Line Lab

The laboratory facility has been designed for laboratory and practical study of a manufacturing line model. Automation of production is the base for the development of modern industry. The students may use the lab for the study of control and monitoring of electrical and pneumatic manipulator mechanisms. It can be used for the development of algorithms for the automation of production lines, study of machine vision applications, familiarization with the methods used for calibration and tune-up of various units and the production line as a whole, acquire programming skills. The lab software has a simple and intuitive user interface.The lab is also equipped with software for control of the whole system, as well as its separate lab units, from a Touch Panel Computer.The laboratory stand Automated Production Line is based on the NI cRIO hardware platform of National Instruments. Course software has been developed in the NI LabVIEW Graphical Programming Environment.

Required hardware and software
 ▪ NI cRIO platform
 ▪ 12 in. LabVIEW Touch Panel Computer
 ▪ Lab platform
 ▪ Compressor
 ▪ Lab software and user manual

List of labs
 ▪ Manual mode
 ▪ Programming mode
 ▪ Automatic Sequential mode
 ▪ Automatic Parallel mode

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