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NI Mechatronics

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Sensors technology laboratory

The laboratory is intended for students study of sensors measurements that are an integral part of any robot.The laboratory bench consist of widespread robotic sensors including encoders for motors, temperature sensors, accelerometers, ultrasonic distance gauge, IR proximity sensor, probes, etc.

Laboratory facilities:
▪ NI CompactRIO measurement station
▪ Sensors kit
▪ Signals measurements software





Measurement processing and analysis laboratory
The curriculum include principles study of sensors callibration, data processing and analysis. The laboratory consist of diffirent sensors mounted on prototyping board including piezotransducer, strain gauge, encoder, thermistor, IR proximity sensor, optical sensor, pressure sensor, magnetic sensor

Laboratory facilities:
▪ NI ELVIS II laboratory station
▪ Prototypng board with sensors
▪ Personal computer




Machine vision laboratory
The laboratory is intended for students study of machine vision systems fundamentals. Base of the bench is NI Smart Camera allowing students to acquire video images and it procces in interactive mode.

Laboratory facilities:
▪ NI SmartCamera
▪ Kit for images analysis algorithims implementation
▪ Images acquisition and processing software






Servo-drives control laboratory
The training bench is intended for higher educational institutions, secondary and basic vocational education students study of high speed automated control by rotary mechanisms. Base of the bench is a modular industrial NI CompactRIO system. Servodrive is used as a visual control object.

Laboratory facilities:
▪ NI CompactRIO measurement station
▪ DC servo-drive
▪ Signals measurement software





Air-actuated systems control laboratory

The laboratory is intended for students study of air-actuated systems. Base of the bench is air driven hand of robot. Students can implement different hand motion models and thus gain skills in robotic systems development. The air actuator is controlled with joy-stick and industrial NI CompactRIO controller.

Laboratory facilities:
▪ Air-actuated plant
▪ Industrial NI CompactRIO controller
▪ Plant control joy-stick
▪ Air actuator control software




Programmable mobile assembled robot

The laboratory equipment consists of sofware and hardware set for students study of embedded mobile robot control system design. Students have a opportunity to use program robot control code, modify it and create own code. The platform provides a functional expansibility with additional data acquisition modules, GPS-receiver, GSM-transmitter, video processing unit with cameras, data storage devices.

Laboratory facilities:

▪ Fully assembled robot on wheeled chassis
▪ Robot control system design platform based on NI Single-Board RIO with embedded signals measurement
▪ Sensors kit (ultrasonic scanner, encoder), drives, battery and charging device
▪ Personal computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse