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Industrial Hardware Communication Interfaces Lab

The Industrial Hardware Communication Interfaces laboratory has been developed for hands-on study of industrial protocols and interfaces. The students will study the basic principles of recieved and transmitted signals’ data processing, both on the physical and logical levels. The students will assemble the studied circuits on the NI Elvis II breadboard, connect the sensors and process the data. The lab software has been developed in LabVIEW graphical programming environment, providing its flexibility and reliability. This unique combination of hardware and software resulted in a powerful educational tool, combining optimum functionality and simplicity of use.

 List of labs
The following interfaces can be studied both on the physical and logical levels:

• I2C                                  • UART - TTL                                                                                                         
• W26,32                           • RS232
• SPI                                  • RS485 (2 - Wire)
• 1 - Wire                           • RS485 (4 - Wire)