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Dynamics and Kinematics Lab

The Dynamics and Kinematics laboratory can be used for hands-on study of the basics of dynamics and kinematics. The test bench construction provides for secure installation of test components which are used for the study of course materials on real devices. The laboratory is supplied with lab software developed in LabVIEW graphical programming environment for flexibility and reliability. The students can use the test bench for the study of mechanical motion, speed, acceleration, Newton’s laws, the free fall of objects, and the Law of energy conservation.

  List of labs   
• Speed and acceleration
• Dependence of acceleration on mass
• Free-fall acceleration
• Newton’s first Law
• Newton’s second Law
• Newton’s third Law
• Motion of a body thrown at an angle
• Loop-the-loop (centripetal acceleration)
• Force of friction (dependence on mass and surface)
• Kinetic and potential energy (the Law of energy concervation)