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NI Data Acquisition and Control


myDAQ is a small portable data acquisition system, which connects to your computer with a USB cable. It provides a portal into the analog or digital world of measurement and control. Build a favorite circuit on a breadboard and use the software instruments like the Digital Multimeter or oscilloscope to test and debug your circuit. myDAQ provides +15, -15 and +5 voltage sources to power your circuit. Design a LabVIEW program with LabVIEW Student Edition to help control your experiment. All you need is your interface circuit, a myDAQ, and a computer. If the computer is a laptop, then the whole test bed is portable.

NI myDAQ pack consists of:

  • NI ELVISmx & NI DAQmx 
  • LabVIEW Evaluation (30 day) 
  • Multisim Evaluation (30 day) 
  • Device
  • USB Cable
  • DMM Probes
  • Audio cable (3.5mm)
  • Screw terminal connector 
  • NI screwdriver



You Can Use These Labs

These labs have been designed to tickle your imagination and encourages users to be creative. At the same time the labs cover many of the features of myDAQ, NI ELVISmx software VIs and instruments.

Labs 1 & 2 demonstrates myDAQ software instruments for DC and AC measurements

Labs 3  & 4 introduces an IR rangefinder and a photogate sensor

Labs 5 & 6 feature the digital port (input, output or a mixture of inputs and outputs)

Lab 7, 8 feature signal analysis and use the iPod input and output ports

Lab 9 & 10 builds a Karaoke analog circuit and its virtual LabVIEW simulation

Were are quitre many Add-Ons for myDAQ:  Learn more about  V2Lab >>

EV V2Lab

myGrid for myDAQ

The myGrid interfaces with NI myDAQ to demonstrate energy monitoring, energy conservation, and the concept of the smart grid. The system includes a traditional power source through a motor representing fossil fuels and a renewable power source using a solar panel.   

Learn more about  myGrid >>

Teachers in secondary education (high school) can find customized NI myDAQ information and lesson plans on K12Lab.com