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Academic Teaching Site License

Learn more >> about Academic Syte Licenses types [PDF] 

There are two available Academic Site Licenses, LabVIEW and Multisim.

Site License

  • Core Engineering
  • Measurements & Data Management
  • Controls & Robotics
  • Real-time & Embedded Systems
  • Signal Processing & Communications

Site Licence 

  • Circuit Design & Simulation

Each site license is sold separately. The Academic SOFTWARE shall not be used for any commercial or industrial purpose. If your organization desires to license the SOFTWARE for a commercial purpose or other purpose not permitted under the scope of the License, you must enter into a separate license agreement with NI and pay all applicable NI license fees before engaging in such use. Learn more >> about NI ACADEMIC SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT [PDF]


LabVIEW Site License

Academic Teaching Site License allows:

  • Centralized management, one serial number for all software packages*
  • Large discount for on-time renewal of contract
  • Ability to easily add student installations
  • Access to Self-Paced Online Training to all users

*-per site license

The price depends of Computer Based Licenses.

Academic Site license

 Download LabVIEW Academic Site License modules & toolkits list [PDF]

Multisim Site License

NI Multisim is an intuitive schematic and capture program with features designed specifically for educator needs. To help students understand circuit behavior, they can interactively simulate their designs using an industry-standard SPICE simulator without having to worry about the details of SPICE syntax and netlists. 

For Multisim Recommended Teaching Hardware are myDAQ and NI ELVIS. Complete integrated tool chain for teaching circuit theory, design, prototyping and troubleshooting skills.

Multisim is used for circuit capture and simulation. NI ELVIS educational design and prototyping platform to prototype circuits and measure real-world signals. Inside Multisim you can see the integrated NI ELVIS instrument to compare simulation to measurement.

Lastly for those who have a component of design deployment there is NI Ultiboard to do layout of printed circuit boards.



Academic Product



Multisim Education

Capture and Simulation, NI ELVIS Driver

1,10,15,25 Seats

Ultiboard Education

Layout and Routing

1,10 Seats

Circuit Design Suite Education Edition

Multisim and Ultiboard, NI ELVIS Driver

1 Seat

Circuit Design Suite Student Edition

Multisim and Ultiboard, NI ELVIS Driver

1 Seat

Academic Site License Circuits Option

Multisim, Ultiboard, NI ELVIS Driver

Department (26 to 50 seats)
College (51 to 100 seats)
Campus (101+ seats)

Circuit Design Bundle

NI ELVIS II, Multisim , NI ELVIS Driver

1 seat

Multisim for Vocational Training

Capture and Simulation

25 seats

Circuit Design Suite Research

Multisim and Ultiboard Pro

3 Seats


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