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Data Acquisition

NI Data Acquisition Hardware Families

NI offers a range of individual multifunction DAQ devices in several form factors, but for guaranteed scalability and flexibility, consider one of National Instruments’ modular hardware platforms such as PXI and NI CompactDAQ, which comes in available USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi communication buses.

NI’s data acquisition hardware portfolio contains hundreds of devices across a spectrum of price points and functionality.


Simple Complete USB Data Acquisition

NI CompactDAQ provides the plug-and-play simplicity of USB to sensor and flexibility of modular instrumentation. The modular design can measure up to 256 channels of electrical, physical, mechanical, or acoustical signals in a single system.NI CompactDAQ can measure dynamic signals such as sound, vibration, and pressure at up to 50 kS/s per channel in addition to static signals such as DC voltage and temperature.


Other modules provide single-point and waveform output capability at rates up to 100 kS/s/channel, or digital I/O at rates up to 10 MHz. Some of the more recently released modules add measurements such as 5A current input, ±300 Vrms measurement, and 24-bit precision high-speed analog input.

NI CompactDAQ & NI CompactRIO is an Integrated, Modular Solution

Deploy Anywhere: -40 to 70 deg C operating temperature; 5g vibration, 50 g shock; Class 1, Div II location certified; Ventless


Each C Series module option to a specific type of measurement. If you want to measure temperature, use thermocouple modules.  If you want to measure voltage, choose analog input modules. Over 60 NI and 3rd Party C Series Modules.

 Each dedicated module is integrated, meaning that these data acquisition devices combine all of the necessary components (physical connectivity, signal conditioning) into single devices and all you need to do is supply the sensor and signal.


Furthermore, most C Series modules can also be used on the RIO platform from National Instruments, in case you need the determinism of a real-time OS or the reconfigurability of an FPGA.

Analog Input
― Up to 250 kS/s, simultaneous sampling
― 4, 8, 16, and 32-ch options
― Built-in signal condition for sensors
―Strain gages, accelerometers, thermocouples, RTDs
― Up to ± 60 V, ±20 mA
― 12, 16 and 24-bit resolution
― Available ch-to-ch isolation
Analog Output
― Up to100 kS/s simultaneous updating
― Up to 16-ch per module
― 10 V, ±20 mA
― Isolation
Digital I/O
―Up to 10 MHz timing
―Counter/timer, PWM
―8 and 32-channel options
―5V/TTL, 12/24/48 V logic levels
―2-port CAN modules
―Brushed DC servo motor drive
Third Party Modules
―LIN, Profibus, WLAN, MIL-1553, ARINC-429, GPS, and more

 This modularity – with each module completely taking care of all the needs for a specific measurement – enables better interoperability of multiple sensor types in a single system.

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