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About Lantronix

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Lantronix, Inc. is a global provider of smart networking and communications solutions for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. Lantronix OEM Modules and Enterprise Solutions enable machines, devices and sensors to be securely accessed, managed, monitored and controlled. Easy to integrate and deploy, Lantronix solutions enable customers to capitalize on the convergence of mobility with M2M systems and to participate in the Internet of Things (IoT).


Device networking technology is the backbone of machine-to-machine (M2M) networking, and connects almost any piece of equipment to a network or the Internet so it can be accessed remotely.


Remote Management

Lantronix remote management products enable administrators to manage global networks from a single location to reduce downtime, increase efficiency, consolidate resources, improve service and decrease costs.


Lantronix IndustrialLantronix ITLantronix Embedded


Lantronix solutions have applications across many industries including, security, industrial and building automation, transportation, energy, retail, financial, government, consumer electronics, medical and information technology. Lantronix OEM Modules and Enterprise Solutions enable machines, devices and sensors to be securely accessed, managed, monitored and controlled.

Lantronix, Inc offers  design engineers a reliable embedded Ethernet and wireless Networking Solutions that enable easy, cost-effectively and reliably connect their products to the network. These networking solutions are used effectively in areas such as Healthcare, Energy, Industrial, IT / Data Center, Security (Data & Physical), Transportation

DIFI.NET LLC will give practical assistance in the form of advice, software or PCB layout:

• to implement Lantronix network solutions in engineering products at the design stage;
• to connect ready products to Ethernet or wireless network

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Lantronix IT Management Solutions



Lantonix SLC8000

Designed for system administrators, quality and test engineers, the SLC 8000 provides easy, secure administration and management of IT equipment from anywhere and at any time. Users can access the SLC 8000 device ports via Telnet/SSH, or a web browser-based console client without any proprietary software.

Any IT asset that provides console or serial port management services can be managed remotely and locally with the same interface and capabilities. The SLC 8000 enables users to leverage the command line interface of most IT equipment for reconfiguring, rebooting and reloading firmware from a single point of contact. This can be done over an in-band network with dual Gigabit Ethernet connections for both public and management networks, or through out-of-band connections including dial-up (optional internal modem, sold separately) and cellular connectivity (PremierWave® XC HSPA+ intelligent gateway, sold separately). Users can securely access and control a wide variety of IT and network equipment, including Linux, Unix or Windows® servers, routers, switches, firewalls, PBXs, UPSs, and even building access devices through their serial ports.

The modular design of SLC 8000 allows users to keep the main unit and simply add or swap modules to expand the number of device ports, upgrade from a single power supply to dual, and easily introduce new serial interfaces such as USB to support a combination of existing and new IT equipment that are connected. This reduces the time required to develop and deploy new services, and this flexibility minimizes capital expenditures while offering easy scalability and upgrades.

Protecting IT resources is a top priority. The SLC 8000 provides security features such as SSL and SSH for data encryption in addition to remote authentication for integration with other systems already in place. For added protection, the SLC 8000 also includes firewall features to reject connection attempts or block ports and has NIST-certified AES encryption.

Part Number   Description
SLC80081201S   SLC 8000 Advanced Console Manager - 8 Ports, Single AC Supply
SLC80082201S   SLC 8000 Advanced Console Manager - 8 Ports, Dual AC Supply
SLC80161201S   SLC 8000 Advanced Console Manager - 16 Ports, Single AC Supply
SLC80162201S   SLC 8000 Advanced Console Manager - 16 Ports, Dual AC Supply
SLC80321201S   SLC 8000 Advanced Console Manager - 32 Ports, Single AC Supply
SLC80322201S   SLC 8000 Advanced Console Manager - 32 Ports, Dual AC Supply
SLC80481201S   SLC 8000 Advanced Console Manager - 48 Ports, Single AC Supply
SLC80482201S   SLC 8000 Advanced Console Manager - 48 Ports, Dual AC Supply


Lantronix SpiderDuo (USB)

The Lantronix SpiderDuo™ KVM-over-IP provides secure, remote KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) over-IP capabilities as well as transparent local access.


Using integrated Virtual Media, users can transfer files, perform upgrades, install patches, redirect local drives and perform full system upgrades by ISO file. Coupled with the optional single port PCU (power control unit), authorized users can also initiate system reboots over the network. Spider Duo allows complete local, plus remote management of the host machine anytime, from virtually anywhere. It provides reliable, secure access to servers located in data centers, kiosks, regional offices, campuses, ATMs, Point-of-sale (POS), training centers, or test and development labs. Download the product Brief in [PDF].

Part Number   Description
SLSLP400USB-01   Lantronix SpiderDuo
1 Port Local + Remote KVM-over-IP with USB Connectors; 21.6" VGA cables
SLSLP400PS2-01   Lantronix SpiderDuo
1 Port Local + Remote KVM-over-IP with PS/2 and USB Connectors; 21.6" VGA cables
PCU100-01   Single port power control unit, 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 10A (Includes IEC320/C13 to NEMA inlet and  IEC320/C14 to IEC320/C13 outlet power cables)
500-199-R   Extended length cable (computer input) USB connector; 59" VGA cable
500-200-R   Extended length cable (computer input) PS/2  and USB connectors; 59" VGA cable
520-104-R   Replacement DC Power Supply with International Adapters (100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz; 5 VDC @ 2A)


 Download Lantronix ITM Brochure [PDF]


xPrintServer – is an easy-to-use, affordable 'plug-and-print' solution for Apple® iOS or Android  (Google Cloud) devices, enabling wireless printing from smartphones includes iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches to USB and networked printers.

A. Plug xPrintServer into your network.
B. Plug your USB printer(s) into the xPrintServer
C. Within seconds, it will auto-discover your printers
D. Start printing!

xPrintServer Family Feature Comparison

Device xPrintServer  Office  xPrintServer Home xPrintServer Cloud Print
Part Number XPS1002FC-01E-S XPS1002HM-01E-S XPS1002CP-01
Supported Devices Apple® iOS  Apple® iOS Google Cloud PrintTM
USB Printers  Supported Up-to 8 Up-to 8 Up-to 8
Network Printers Supported (Including wireless printers) Unlimited Up to 2 Unlimited
USB Printer Sharing Over Network (for Mac & PCs)   x  x x
Printer User Management  x  x x
10/100 Ethernet  x  x x
Proxy Server/Port  x   x
Firmware/Driver Loading via USB Port  x   x
Configuration Save/Restore  x   x
Remote Authentication Active Directory  x  

Not Applicable


Watch xPrintServer Video

External Networking DeviceLinx

For SYSTEM INTEGRATORS -> :  Small Box range (COBOS)



Serial to Ethernet Xpress-DR-IAP/DR/DR+, xDirect-IAP, UDS1100-IAP, MSS4, SecureBox SDS1101/SDS2101
Serial to WiFi / Ethernet to WiFi Products WiBox E, PremierWave XN
Serial to Cellular PremierWave XC/XC HSPA+
Analog to Ethernet xSenso
Terminal Servers EDS8PS/16PS, EDS8PR/16PR/32PR , EDS1100/2100/4100
Ethernet Switches XPress-Pro SW 52000/92000
Industrial Power Supply Xpress-Pro


Serial to Ethernet xDirect, UDS 1100/2100, SDS 1101/2101
Serial to WiFi / Ethernet to WiFi Products Xpress-DR+ Wireless

Download Lantronix External Network Devices Matrix.

xSenso™ Industrial Analog I/O Server

  • xSenso Family - Analog Device ServerTwo isolated analog voltage/current outputs or two mechanical relays
  • Redundant input power
  • Power excitation per input
  • Ethernet port for communication
  • USB port for configuration
  • Supporting ModbusTCP protocol
  • Web based monitoring, charting and data logging
  • HTTP/HTTPS POST to cloud based applications
  • Email and text message alert notification
  • Authentication, up to 256-bit encryption, SSL, SSH
  • Industrial operating temperature range of -40° +85° C
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty


Control a process, monitor readings, chart graphs, and log data by just using an Internet web browser.

xSenso™ is a compact DIN-rail or wall mount solution that enables analog sensors (voltage or current) to easily and transparently send real-time data to any node on the Internet or to a cloud based application. The options of two analog outputs (voltage or current) or two mechanical relays (AC or DC) make the xSenso a complete industrial process controller.

Compatible with some of the most popular off-the-shelf data acquisition systems such as LabVIEW™ and DASYLab™, xSenso is an ideal solution for remote monitoring and data logging of critical events in process control and automation applications. With its low port density, xSenso can be affordably installed in dispersed or remote locations. In applications where analog sensors and controllers are used, xSenso can be configured to send alarms via emails when the analog I/O readings are outside predefined ranges. These alarms allow control engineers to take immediate corrective action when certain thresholds are met.

Its embedded web server makes it possible to monitor the inputs and the outputs, chart, or log the data using browsers on computers, smartphones, and tablets from anywhere in the world.



Some examples of analog sensors that can be connected to xSenso are temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, level, force, weight, gas/air quality, etc.


Download brochure

Embedded Networking

Lantronix OEM Modules and Enterprise Solutions enable machines, devices and sensors to be securely accessed, managed, monitored and controlled.


For Electronics Designers Download Lantronix Embedded Module Matrix in [PDF].




Embedded System On Module/ Serial to Ethernet Xport, PremierWave SE, Xpico, Micro, WiPort® NR, UDS1100-B, MatchPort
System On Module / Serial to WiFi WiPort, xPico Wi-Fi, MatchPort b/g, MatchPort b/g Pro, PremierWave EN
Single-Chip XChip, Xchip Direct, DSTni-EX



Rapidly Deploy Your IoT Solution Using the  

Lantronix PremierWave SE1000 

The Lantronix® PremierWave® SE1000 is a high performance programmable, Ethernet based System on Module (SOM) that enables OEM customers to easily develop and deploy secure IoT (Internet of things) applications.PowerWave SE1000

Learn more>>

PremierWave SE1000 Advantages:

  • Rapidly build your custom IoT Application
  • Easily integrate network services by leveraging Lantronix built in smart connectivity software
  • Reduce your hardware design challenges and complexity via a compact modular footprint
  • Simplify your product development using available Lantronix software management and system configuration modules
  • Lower your overall total cost of ownership across your product life cycle
Part Number   Description
PWSE1000200S   PremierWave SE1000 SOM 256 MB Flash, Sample
PWDK1000-01   PremierWave no module Development Kit, sample must be purchased
Evaluation Board, Power Supply, RS-232 Cable, Cat 5e Cable, USB Cable (A-B)


PremierWave EN WLAN Device Server

  • 802.11 a/b/g/n solution with Selectable Dual Band Radio (2.4GHz or 5GHz)
  • Linux Operating System
  • Includes full TCP/IP stack, web server
  • Interfaces: UART (RS232 / 485), SPI, I²C, USB
  • Lantronix 32-bit processor (ARM 9 Core)
  • ManageLinx® Virtual IP Access 
    (Device-Access even through firewalls)
  • IPv6 support
  • Operating Temperature: -40..+85°C
  • Dimensions: 30 x 55 x 6.3 mm
  • Enterprise Authentication Protocols (incl. EAP-TLS, -TTLS, PEAP, EAP-Fast and LEAP)
Part Number   Description
PEN10010SA-01   PremierWave EN 802.11 a/b/g/n System On Module with internal Antenna, SAMPLE
PEN10010NASA-01   PremierWave EN 802.11 a/b/g/n System On Module without internal antenna, SAMPLE
PWDK1000-01   PremierWave no module Development Kit, sample must be purchased
Evaluation Board, Power Supply, RS-232 Cable, Cat 5e Cable, USB Cable (A-B)


XPort Embedded Ethernet Device Server

XPort embedded Ethernet device server removes the complexity – of designing network connectivity into a product by incorporating all of the required hardware and software inside a single embedded Ethernet solution. Smaller than your thumb, it includes all essential networking features, including a 10Base- T/100Base-TX Ethernet connection, proven operating system, an embedded web server, e-mail alerts, a full TCP/IP protocol stack, and 256-bit AES encryption for secure communications. This easy-to-embed networking processor module enables engineers to focus on their core competency while reducing development time and cost and increasing product value.


Part Number   Description
XP100200S-05R   XPort RoHS Extended Temperature with Encryption, Sample
XP10010NMK-01   XPort Universal Demo Board (evaluation kit). Modules need to be ordered separately.
XPP100200S-02R   XPort® Pro - Evolution OS - 16MB Sample
XPort Pro RoHS Extended Temperature w/ encryption w/ Evolution OS, 16MB SDRAM - Sample
XPP100300S-02R   XPort® Pro - LINUX OS - 16MB Sample
XPort® Pro RoHS Extended Temperature with Encryption, with Linux OS, 16MB SDRAM - Sample
XP10010NMK-01   Universal Demo Board*
XPort Universal Demo Board (evaluation kit). Modules need to be ordered separately.
XPPDK1000-EVO-02   XPort® Pro Evolution Development Kit**

XPort® Pro Linux Development Kit**