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Server Technology Software

The plan of this section:

Software Server Technology

Server Technology program interface is shown in Figure 6. In the program is carried out configuration, monitoring and management of all devices connected to the overall system.

Figure 6

The program supports mostly all popular browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 или поздние версии
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Opera


Figure 8 shows that in the section Device Selection -> CDUs are located all Power cabinets being monitored and controlled as necessary.


Figure 8


The top panel contains buttons for monitoring: enclosures, input cords, device lines, phases, branches, outlets and others.

Figure 9

In Figure 10 is depicted a graph of energy consumption (in the left side of the picture). In the table (in the right side of the picture) are shown the values of temperature and humidity.


Figure 10


The program also can make a report, in which will be an inventory of all the devices in the form of table. There will be shown considered CDU (its name or just IP address), what sort of devices, applications, IP addresses of the Unit, the serial number, firmware version and another.

Figure 11


Also useful function of Server Technology is to create your own SSL certificate through which you can not be afraid of information leakage

Figure 12

The general condition of devices

The general condition of the devices can be viewed here. And in the case of failure of any device It can be found in which part there was failure. An example is shown in Figure 13: A device called "10.4.11 ..." does not work, and the reason is overload of the main cable in which energy is transferred to other devices

Figure 13

Third-party software

Programs that can also operate / interact with Server Technology:

  • Ubersmith (API)
  • iTRACS
  • Future Facilities(SNMP)
  • Solarwinds (SNMP)
  • Tier 44
  • NICO Consultancy
  • Future Facilities

More information about Server Technology software you can find Here.