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About LYZC bearing


LYZC BEARING is the first and largest professional manufacturer who committed to manufacturing and development of high precision HYT rotary table bearings and high precision crossed roller bearings.

LYZC main products are HYT series rotary table bearing and crossed roller bearings, with precision of P5, P4, P2, which outer ring diameter range between ¢50mm - ¢1800mm. Our rotary table bearings cover HYT basis series, HYTS high rotational speed axial radial bearings, HYTM rotary bearing with angle measuring system, and HYZF double direction axial angular contact ball bearings. Our crossed roller bearings cover HYRB series, HYRE series, HYRU series, HYRA series, HYBH series, HYSX series, HYXR series crossed taper roller bearings.

LYZC  bearings have been widely adapted to various applications, such as high precision numerical rotary table bearings, robot joints and rotating units, index heads, aerospace and aeronautical industry, radars, sophisticated medical equipments, as well as the measurement and test fields with extreme requirements on rotating accuracy.

The products have been delivered to more than 500 customers. 50% of productions are for export market in Europe, Norht America and others, the HYT bearing has 70% marketing share in China.