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What can use Biomedical engineer from NI


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S.E.E. 2012 - The Scandinavian Electronics Event


S.E.E. 2012 - an international meeting place for the electronics industry.

From 17.04.2012-19.04.2012 - Stockholm, Sweden

We can meet at our partner EP-TeQ Stand C01:20 to discuss:

You can get a free ticket if you register here.



SMTHYBRIDPACKIGING  08.-10.05.2012  

We can meet at our partner EP- TeQ stand. Visit other vendors stands too.

Company                                                                                                           Hal

DIMA Group B.V.                                                                                           7-243

Everett Charles Technologies                                                                     7-151

GÖPEL Electronic GmbH                                                                              6-410

Inertec Löttechnik GmbH                                                                            9-138

ITOCHU SysTech GmbH                                                                                7-421

NUTEK EUROPE B.V.                                                                                      7-420

Osai Automation Systems GmbH                                                                6-428

phoenix|x-ray GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies GmbH               7-425

Samsung Techwin Co. LTD.                                                                          7-320

ZEVAC AG                                                                                                       9-250