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Lyzc Bearing will participate in the industrial exhibition EMO MILANO 2015


Italy will host the 2015 edition of EMO. Promoted by CECIMO, European Association of the Machine Tool Industries, the world machine tool exhibition that runs every two years in Hannover and Milan alternatively, will take place from the 5th to the 10th of October at the prestigious exhibition centre of fieramilano.

Machines to build the future, cutting-edge solutions that give the possibility of achieving what mankind has imagined, and technologies on which the improvement of the quality of life depends: this and much more will be EMO MILANO 2015. The spotlight will be on the wide offer of machine tools available, capable of attracting users from all the main sectors that use metal working systems.

Lyzc Bearing will participate in the industrial exhibition EMO MILANO 2015

LYZC main products are HYT series rotary table bearing and crossed roller bearings, with precision of P5, P4, P2, which outer ring diameter range between ¢50mm - ¢1800mm. LYZC  bearings have been widely adapted to various applications, such as high precision numerical rotary table bearings, robot joints and rotating units, index heads, aerospace and aeronautical industry, radars, sophisticated medical equipments, as well as the measurement and test fields with extreme requirements on rotating accuracy.

The products have been delivered to more than 500 customers. 50% of productions are for export market in Europe, Norht America.

The picture shows some applications of these bearings.

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