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LANTRONIX Trade Up Program



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Trade Up Program


Why use old technology to manage your data centers, labs, and remote sites?

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SLB™ Branch Office

SLC™ 8000 Advanced Modular Console Manager

Both devices have been completely refreshed with today's state-of-the-art technology and are also trusted by Fortune 500 companies for their remote infrastructure management needs. The SLB enables remote power cycling to your IT equipment while adding power redundancy, and provides console access all in a single 1U rack form factor for remote sites. The SLC 8000 is perfect for both data centers and labs as it's powered by the most advanced processor in the industry that allows support up to 350 concurrent sessions, while having modular design to grow your console connections with RJ45 and even USB. It has dual Gigabit Ethernet ports with software-reversible device ports to eliminate cable clutter. Both devices can be centrally managed by the vSLM™ secure management software.
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Trade in any live device(s) (Console Management) and receive pricing discounts starting at:

  • $220/unit for 8/16 Port Devices
  • $440/unit for 32 Port Devices
  • $660/unit for 48 Port Devices
Offer ends 9/25/2015 at 11:59PM
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Lantronix SLB™ Branch Office Manager


Tired of costly branch office downtime? Lantronix SLB™ branch office manager provides real time visibility and control over branch office IT equipment securely and quickly. Without ever leaving your desk.

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Lantronix SLC™ 8000 Advanced Modular Console Manager

Designed to reduce deployment and management complexity and costs, SLC™ 8000 provides secure in-band and out-of-band management that allows IT personnel of any size enterprise to centrally manage, monitor and troubleshoot IT equipment locally or from anywhere over the Internet, while maintaining low level access to the gear even during network outages via optional dial-up cellular connection. Its modular design makes SLC 8000 the first of its kind, allowing users to simply add or swap modules to expand device port density and power supply.

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Lantronix vSLM™ Central Management Software

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The Lantronix vSLM secure management software is a central management solution that seamlessly integrates equipment connected by console servers, KVMs, and remote power managers. Due to the demands of modern day business, network infrastructures continue to grow along with the number of "out-of-band infrastructure" (OOBI) management devices.

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